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How can I communicate with Paras Infotech?
Paras Infotech has the following modes of communication:
  1. Telephones.
  2. Email.
How to select appropriate software from many?
You can select software among all the JewellPlus and RetailPlus softwares basically on your need and your requirement.
Contact us to know more.
How to install software?
There is nothing to do with software. You just click on setup icon and click on NEXT until it reaches to the FINISH.
What is AMC?
AMC is nothing but Annual Maintenance Charges provided to you for your difficulties related to software.
Are updates in software chargeable?
Well, if you are paying the AMC then it is not chargeable to you, but if not then there are charges for getting updated software.
Do you provide product’s training & support?
Yes, we provide product training and support either at your place or online or telephonic.
Why I choose JewellPlus or RetailPlus for my business?
JewellPlus and RetailPlus softwares itself maintain a simplicity. They are easy to install and operate. Their performance, robustness, bug free nature makes them different from others.
What hardwares are needed?
You need hardware :

Pentium IV or above, RAM at least 1 GB, Monitor/Mouse/Printer

Recommended Hardware :

Personal Computer with following configuration Processor:

Pentium IV or above, RAM at least 1 GB, Hard disk with minimum 250 GB.
Printer: Dot-matrix, Ink jet, Barcode, Laser jet, Thermal printer
What supporting software are needed?
Once you purchase software, supporting software like Ammy Admin, ShowMyPC, TeamViewer etc. its free versions are installed in your system.
Why there is need to update the registration key?

The main use of registration key is to secure the database. The unknown person can copy the database but he will be unable to open it. It happens because the Registration key read the hard disk ID number or Mac ID so whenever the data is copied from one hard disk to another it is required to register the software by providing the Key.

If there are two hard disks then on which hard disk we can install the software?

In case of two hard disks on single PC, one hard disk is primary and another is secondary. At that time install software on secondary hard disk because software read secondary hard disk ID number.

Can we save the report in excel format?

Yes. You can save the report in excel format.

Can I set different paper size for different screen?

Yes. You can set different paper size for different screen with the help of page setup option.

Can I take backup of data?
Yes! You can take backup of your data.
Can I restore the backup?

Yes. You can restore the backup easily.

How do you deal with urgent bug fixing?

We do our best to avoid programming errors in products delivered to our customers. However, everybody familiar with software development practice knows that from time to time bugs appear even in the highest quality products. We try our best to fix bugs as soon as possible.

What if my question is not answered on this page?
If your questions are not answered here, you can send your questions to the following E-mail :

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