Uncompromising Features of
RetailPlus Shriji 2.7

User can use this software for maintain.

  • Computerized online billing.
  • Automatic calculation of market SES.
  • Inventory control system.
  • Tally Data Conversion.
  • Financial accounting system like maintain accounts of customer, supplier, cash account, bank account, expenditure etc…
  • Purchase (Add purchase details).
  • Sale with multi series option (Make sales transactions).
  • Payment (Make payment to supplier).
  • Receipt (Receipt to customers).
  • Journal voucher (Pass journal transaction).
  • Debit / Credit note (Update debit/ credit note transaction).
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Item master (Add Product details).
  • Trading master (Update trading details).
  • Narration master (Maintain standard narration).
  • Account group master (Maintain customized group).
  • Broker commission master (Update commission of broker).
  • Greeting master (Add note for customer’s satisfaction which will be shown in bill footer).
  • Account master (Add all ledger accounts such as Customer, supplier, expenditure account, cash, bank account etc.).
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement.
  • Journal register (Standard journal register).
  • Sales summery register (SES) (shows monthly sale).
  • Purchase register with purchase bill no., date & hamali.
  • Sales register (from date – to date) (Sales transaction report).
  • Cash book with daily balance (Standard accounting cash book).
  • General Ledger for All Account.

    1. Daily Summery.
    2. Monthly Summery.
    3. Account Type wise report (Cross account wise).
    4. Interest Calculation day wise.
  • Trial Balance (Facility for Summery) with 6 level Group Filtration
  • Trading Account with Gross profit %(percentage).
  • Profit & Loss Account with Net Profit %(percentage).
  • Balance Sheet with auto effect Profit/loss in Capital Account.
  • Group wise balance summery.
  • Tally Data Conversion.
  • Item Ledger with summery filtration.
  • Stock Statement track of Fast movable and unmovable item.
  • Customer bill wise and summery outstanding report with group wise filtration (Area wise).
  • Total outstanding report with group wise filtration.
  • Bill Printing in plain paper or preprinted stationery.
  • Bill print page size as per requirement.
  • Narration print in bill.
  • Hot keys for open most usable screen.
  • Easy access on double click from entry screen to report screen and report to entry screen.
  • Financial year date flexibility for report fetching (From Date – To Date).
  • Print preview, Ruler, Zoom, Find, Data Filter, Save as, Sort, Page setup etc… features for all reports.
  • All report export facility in excel, word, dbf, text and other format.
  • You can work in multi screen in one application.
  • You can open and work in multi application at same time.
  • Multi user windows base software.
  • Enter Key system for easy operate entry screen.
  • Operator Security Setup (You can give access to your operator to access particular screens).
  • Multi Year Features.
  • Address Label Printing with Account Group Wise.
  • Separate Item Opening balance screen.

Best Solution
RetailPlus Shriji 2.7

RetailPlus Shriji 2.7 is most powerful financial accounting software with inventory, vat reports and data convert in tally accounting software.
This product is suggested for Foodgrain Traders for trading business.

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Can I buy software at a discount from RPI
RPI is pleased to be able to offer a number of software titles for purchase at reduced rates to campus affiliates. For information on current offerings see the Software Purchases page
Is there a limit on how many times I may install?
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Requirement of
Hardware & Software


RetailPlus has on-line help available from any option just by pressing F1 key. With the use of such help even a new user can start working on the product very quickly & easily

Hardware Requirements

Personal Computer with following configuration :

Processor: Pentium III or above,
RAML At list 64 MB, SVGA Monitor, Mouse, Printer.

Recommended Hardware

Personal Computer with following configuration :

Processor: Pentium IV or above, RAM At list 128 MB, Hard disk with minimum 100MB Space, SVGA Monitor 800 X 600 Display set, Mouse,
Epson LX-300 or Epson LQ-300 Printer.

Software Requirements

Windows 2000 and above
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